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Arema FC

Arema FC

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Arema Indonesia
logo Arek Malang FC
Full name Arek Malang Football Club
Nickname(s) Singo Edan[1] (en: The Crazy Lions)
Founded 11 August 1987
Ground Kanjuruhan Stadium, Malang (ISL)
Gajayana Stadium, Malang (IPL)
(capacity: 40,000[2] (ISL)
30,000 (IPL))
Owner Bakrie Group (ISL)
PT. Arema Indonesia (IPL)
Chairman Indonesia Iwan Budianto (ISL)
Indonesia Winarso Sujoyubono (IPL)
Manager Indonesia Ruddy Widodo (ISL)
Indonesia Haris Pambudy (IPL)
Coach Indonesia Rahmad Darmawan (ISL)
Indonesia Abdul Rahman Gurning (IPL)
League Indonesia Super League
Indonesia Premier League
2011–12 ISL
2011–12 IPL
Indonesia Super League, 12th
Indonesia Premier League, 3rd
Website Club home page

Home colours
Away colours
Current season
Arema Indonesia is an Indonesian football team based in Malang, East Java. It is one of the most supported and successful football clubs in Indonesia. There is currently a conflict between its members of management that results in formation of two teams, each played in the Indonesia Super League (ISL) and Indonesian Premier League (IPL).


The Arema FC culture

The Arema is born out of the pride of the citizens of Malang. With the desire to establish themselves as a famous and a high nobility society, the people (especially the teenagers) of Malang participated in all kinds of activities (which includes boxing, rock music and athleticism) to help establish the Malang as one of the famous societies in Indonesia.
Arema is also the name of an Indonesian/Javanese legend, Singo Arema who is thought to originate from Malang. Due to this fact, "Arema" became a relevant name to be used for the culture and identity of Malang.


Arema is a professional club based in Malang, East Java. Initially the team was born on August 11, 1987 on the initiative of Acub Zaenal, founder Galatama club, this is called Aremada, which is a combination of local clubs and 86 Malang Arema Fleet. But that name did not last long. A few months later, it was changed to Arema 86.
Efforts to maintain the club 86 Arema Galatama went through many obstacles, even the team that was expected to take part in the Galatama VIII stumbled due to difficulties in funding. From here Acub Zaenal along with his son Lucky Acub Zaenal took over and tried to save Arema 86 in order to survive.
The name was changed to 86 Arema and set the foundation on August 11, 1987 in accordance notarial document Pramu Haryono SH No. 58. Since then, they prepared Arema as a professional team. The squad, facilities, and the officials were upgraded.
The team's achievement in Indonesian football faced countless ups and downs. The club's main issue is financial backup. However, they were crowned champions of Galatama in 1992-93 season.
Since the introduction of Liga Indonesia, a combination of Perserikatan and Galatama, Arema has been recorded seven times in the second round. However, financial constraints continue to squeeze the club trip, until eventually PT Bentoel Internasional Tbk acquired the ownership of the team in mid-season 2003.
As a result of the financial crisis that was made Arema down caste in division one. But with the new financial strength, Arema only stayed one season in division one and re-promoted to the top league as the champion. Since then the performance was stable. Arema was able penetrate the Super League, the highest caste of competition in the country for the first time this season rolling.
In 2011 Arema is divided into two teams, one team led by Muhammad Nur which played in the Indonesian Premier League and the other team led by Rendra Kresna which played in the Indonesia Super League.


Arema plays up to 40,000 capacity's in Kanjuruhan Stadium (since 2004) and 30,000 capacity's Gajayana Stadium (for IPL/Home Base Persema Malang), both located in Malang.


The club's supporters who call themselves as the Aremania (and Aremanita for female) are considered to be one of the most fanatic supporters among all of the Indonesian football clubs supporters. Apart from their home base city, the club fans are spread all around the country. In 2000 & 2006, the Aremania has been awarded as The Best Indonesian Football Supporters Forever by FIFA.



As of 30 December 2012.[3]
Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.
Position Player
1 Indonesia GK Kurnia Meiga
2 Indonesia DF Purwaka Yudhi
6 Cameroon DF Thierry Gathuessi
7 Indonesia FW Greg Nwokolo
8 Indonesia MF Egi Melgiansyah
9 Brazil FW Beto
10 Indonesia FW Cristian Gonzáles
11 Indonesia MF Dedi Kusnandar
12 Indonesia MF Hendro Siswanto
13 Indonesia DF Hasyim Kipuw
15 Indonesia FW Sunarto
16 Indonesia FW Qischil Gandrum Minny
17 Indonesia MF Joko Sasongko
19 Indonesia DF Benny Wahyudi
21 Indonesia GK I Made Wardana

Position Player
23 Indonesia FW Yoca Binar Galaxy
24 Indonesia DF Gilang Ginarsa
31 Indonesia GK Achmad Kurniawan
32 Indonesia DF Victor Igbonefo
40 Saint Kitts and Nevis FW Keith Gumbs
41 Indonesia FW Dendi Santoso
44 Indonesia MF I Gede Sukadana
45 Indonesia DF Yericho Christiantoko
50 Indonesia FW Reza Mustofa
53 Indonesia DF Munhar
69 Indonesia GK M. Natshir Fadhil Mahbuby
86 Singapore MF Muhammad Ridhuan
87 Indonesia DF Johan Ahmad Farizi
88 Indonesia MF Irsyad Maulana
99 Indonesia MF Engelbert Sani
- Indonesia FW Yandi Munawar

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